DJ Derek - Suicide Part 2

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DJ Derek - Suicide Part 2

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01. Hot Hot Hot
02. Carnival Tabanca (djderekremix)
03. I Love It (djderekremix)
04. Exotic (djderekremix)
05. Bam Bam (djderekremix)
06. The Fog (djderekremix)
07. Little Wine (djderekremix)
08. Need Your Love (djderekremix)
09. Blurred Lines (djderekremix)
10. Wake Me Up (djderekremix)
11. Aite De Notre
12. Limbo (djderekremix)
13. Placata 
14. Just a Little Bit
15. Conquer Meh
16. Monster Winer
17. One Monster Drop
18. Drop It Down
19. Rough Me Up
20. Its A Carnival
21. Play De Music
22. Chang Funny Skit
23. Pon Di Jockey
24. Bedroom Bully
25. Business
26. Bumaye
27. Twenty-Suit n Tie Bumaye (djderekremix)
28. Wine & Kotch
29. Pull Up To Mi Bumpa
30. Boom Flick
31. Old School Mash-Up (djderekremix)
32. You Mi Seh
33. School
34. Nuh Ordinary
35. Hold On, Were Going Home
36. The One
37. I-Fly
38. Treasure
39. Bumpa
40. Broad Bumpa
41. Te Prendo
42. Jump & Applause (djderekremix)
43. We Cant Stop(djderekremix)
44. Royals
45. Roar (djderekremix)
46. Wrecking Ball HOT! (djderekremix)
47. Throwback Wrecking Ball (djderekremix)
48. Freaky Candy Vitamin (djderekremix)
49. Freaks
50. Girl On Fire (djderekremix)
51. Give It All To Me
52. Unruly Rave
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4

CD Review: DJ Derek - Suicide Part 2

Suicide Part 2 – DJ Derek brought to you by WIC Top 40, Soca, Reggae, Mash Up with Tabla, Spanish, name it you’re going to get it on this CD. Welcome to Suicide Part 2!!!! I finally had a chance to sit down and listen to this CD and if you’re looking for high energy, high pace, shake yuh waist...well you definitely found it. Check the song list for yourself. I know we’ve all heard these songs a lot, but you haven’t heard them mixed in this way. DJ Derek definitely makes these mixes his own. This is the new age, where Soca/Reggae can be blended with top 40; where dance can entail ANY and EVERYTHING. The high pace energy of this CD is felt as soon as you press play. If you’re looking for a real dance CD, dress to sweat because this is it. The mixes are unique and I’m sure for those without a true open mind you probably might not appreciate the work that goes into finding songs that mesh well like these. Suicide Part 2 is definitely different. Track 6: I heard a blend of 2 Soca jams and a 90’s dance track which then goes into another dance beat...definitely different. Don’t let the track names fool you’re not going to hear the normal track, so don’t buy it expecting it and then get vex...the track says “djderekremix” and REMIXED it is. One of my favourites is #7. You can hear about 4 dance tracks and 1 reggae jam blended with this song. That alone takes paying attention too; beat matching, etc. Yall don’t understand the work that goes into the craft that is mixing.... HELL I don’t truly understand it, but what I have witnessed aint as easy as you think. Not only does it have to match in some way, but it has to sound good. I have to say after listening to the entire CD it’s not bad at all. Some mixes will definitely take some growing on you, but the upbeat tempo just keeps going. Track 10 @ 0:44...OMG I heard the tabla mixed with “Wake Me Up”....BAM! I’m not gonna lie, I totally LOVED THAT!!! Obviously tracks where you don’t see (djderekremix) is usually the regular song so you can expect some normalcy on this CD. The transition from one song to the next is okay...might need a little work but it’s not bad (I’m no DJ so don’t get vex). I’m just saying it’s a little rough in transition in some songs not all, but not completely terrible...I’ve heard way worse! And it gets better as the CD goes on so not a huge deal. Track 22 – Chang Funny Skit...if yall haven’t been on YouTube to check out the Santana, Narine and Patsy NEED TO GET ON THAT! That shit is funny as hell! Track 27 is a unique blend of Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Dance and Soca...different. I enjoyed the JT portion (2nd half of the mix) more. After Track 22 (the skit) you get a lot more reggae if you’re looking for that change in music. Same upbeat tempo though. Track 35 to 39 you hear a little more RnB, HipHop, Pop (ish) type tracks. More of the Top 40 tracks...this is where the pace changes a little :) But some are blended so expect the unexpected ;) And yall know lately a CD doesn’t appear to be a mix CD without a little Miley Cyrus (Tracks #43 and #46) – both “djdereakremixes”. Track #46 is Wrecking Ball...all I’m gonna say is Babla and Kanchan....CHECK THAT MIX OUT!!!! Definitely NEVER heard before. Before I ruin the rest of the CD and since I can’t give this CD ½’s when rating it.... I am going to give it 4 out 5 because I truly enjoyed the uniqueness of the mixes/blends of the CD by DJ Derek. Great Job DJ Derek! Nadzzz Check out my Blog at: (2014-03-03 20:41)
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