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  • 2010 Soca Music Video

    2010 Soca Music Video

    01. Palance - J.W. Blaze 02. Brave - Bunji Garlin 03. De Beast Let Go - Skinny Faboulous 04. Floor On Fire - Macheal Montano featuring Little Jon & Pitbull 05. Pipe - Patch 06. Wicked Jab - Talpree 07. Bumpers - 5Star 08. Anything - Buffy 09. Careful - Lil Bits 10. Nah Leaving - Ricardo Drue featuring Patrice 11. Party Hard - Doneao 12. Your Body - ????? 13. Clothes Off - Benjai 14. Flex On Mi - Skhi 15. Every Eveing (Brng It) - Chinese Remix 16. Till Morning - KES and The Band 17. In Front Of Me - Skinny Faboulous 18. They Wanna be Like - Chynee 19. Rough Wine (remix) - Shurwayne Winchester & Cecile 20. Bachannal - Destra 21. Hott - Destra 22. Tempa Wine - Macheal Montano 23. Tight - Peter Ram 24. Diggin Horrors - Sparrow 25. Deputy Women - Mastamind 26. Trini Wine - ??? 27. ??? - 3 Canal 28. Car Keys - Ricardo Drue



  • Calypso Dreams documentary DVD

    Calypso Dreams documentary DVD

    *** We Ship Worldwide *** Winner of the Best Caribbean Documentary at the Jamerican Film Festival, Audience Favorite at the DC Film fest, Pan- African film festival, Mill Valley Film Fest and embraced by an entire nation in Trinidad, Calypso Dreams chronicles the rich and complex cultural roots of calypso music in Trinidad and Tobago.   The producers have released a limited, subtitled directors cut of Calypso Dreams on DVD.   The feature-length documentary film Calypso Dreams chronicles the fascinating spirit and traditions of Calypso music in the island country of Trinidad and Tobago, dating back to its complex Afro-Caribbean roots in the 18th and 19th centuries. With narrative commentary by the popular Caribbean musician David Rudder, the film captures riveting, contemporary performances by a host of legendary Calypso performers with colorful “sobriquets,” including the Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Lord Superior, Black Stalin, Mighty Bomber, Lord Blakie, Singing Sandra and Mighty Terror, and pays homage to recently deceased Calypsonians, including Lord Kitchener and Lord Pretender.   The film also includes a rare and exclusive interview with Harry Belafonte on the issue of his early involvement with Calypso and his complex relationship with Lord Melody in the 1950s and early ’60s. Using a rich array of archival footage and photographs, Calypso Dreams illustrates how the music was corrupted and homogenized by the American music industry in the 1940s and 1950s, only to survive and, ultimately, thrive in international anonymity. As with The Buena Vista Social Club, Calypso Dreams provides a cultural rediscovery—in this case, of a musical tradition that has been bypassed by the mainstream for decades. It is a celebration not only of the music of Calypso, but of the intense sense of community it engenders in Trinidad and Tobago, and of the art form’s dynamic social and political roots, which sustain it.   Dunn and Horne have been friends for 30 years and began discussing plans for making a film on Calypso 20 years ago, following Horne’s first trip to Trinidad. They began production on Calypso Dreams in the winter of 2001 and made six production trips to Trinidad and Tobago in order to complete the film. Director: Geoffrey Dunn & Michael Horne Country: Trinidad and Tobago Year of Production: 2008 Total Running Time: 65 min Language: English with Sub-titles Rating: PG


  • dimanche Gras Double DVD 2011

    dimanche Gras Double DVD 2011

    DOUBLE DVDS It is the night that crowns the lyrical descendant of the cultural Griot of song, the Calypso Monarch and the glorious Monarchs of the masquerade, the King and Queen of the Bands. Dimanche Gras, Big Sunday, in Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is one of the most highly anticipated events that crown the top titles during the festive season. DISC ONE KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE BANDS   DISC TWO CALYPSO FINALS TWO ROUNDS featuring guest AARON DUNCAN *Weston Rawlins(CRO CRO) *Kizzy Ruiz *Stinger *Kurt Allen *Karen Asche *Chalkdust *Devon Seales *Tigress *Sugar Aloes *Tamika Darius *Benjai(Rodney LeBlanc) *Brian London  



  • Groovy & Power Soca Monarch Double DVD 2011

    Groovy & Power Soca Monarch Double DVD 2011

    GROOVY SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION DISC 1 Rastar –Soca Fire Jahmoun – Flashing Lights Yankee Boy & Patch – Head Nice KES - Wotless Blaxx – Tanti Woi Allrounder – Body Wine Shurwayne Winchester - Paradisng Destra – Cool It Down Chucky – My Bad Ting Benjai - Trini Saucy Wow (Denise Belfon) – Dance & Dingolay Patrice Roberts – Mas & Wining Kerwin DuBois ft KES -  Ah Ting Megan - Posse Cassi – Town Ting   POWER SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION DISC 2 JW & Blaze  - Wild  & Frisky Blood – Foot on Fire Skinny Fabulous – Charge Up Michelle Xavier – Fettin For Days Shal Marshall – Doh Drag De Flag Tallpree (Grenada) – Lighters feat Nadia Iwer George (The Boss) – Come To Meh Nadia/Patrice – We Not Leaving Machel Montano HD – Advantage Destra – We Own It Ravi B – Is Mas Bunji Garlin – Hold A Bum Tian Winters - Hurricane Fayann Lyons – Consider It Done



  • Groovy & Power Soca Monarch Double DVD 2012

    Groovy & Power Soca Monarch Double DVD 2012

    GROOVY SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION DISC 1   Stress Away - Kes Baddest - Destra Garcia Sound De Horn - Blaxx In Your Eyes - Erphaan Alves We Time - JW & Blaze Bacchanalist - Kerwin Du Bois Single Forever - Kris 'KI' Persad  Mr. Fete - Machel Montano No Pressure - Nadia Batson I Am Soca - Patrice Roberts Touch It - Chucky Gordon Take Your Time - Benjai Trouble - Shal Marshall Action - Super Jigga TC    POWER SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION DISC 2   Pump Yuh Flag - Machel Montano HD Animal - Delroy 'Fireman' Hooper Link Up - Destra Throw Wine - Prophet Benjamin Fine Yourself Inna Band - Blaxx We Terrible - Erphaan Alves Kentucky - Hard Knaxx Bucket - Swappi Pavement Anticipation - Micheal 'Mikey' Mercer Making Up - Nadia Batson  Jab No Pain - Iwer George We Love - Shurwayne Winchester Make Room - Kerwin Du Bois Type Ah Wine - Shal Marshall


  • Inside Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2k7 (Double DVD)

    Inside Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2k7 (Double DVD)

    Double DVD INSIDE - Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2007: THE SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL Best of Carnival 2007 Shows, Fetes and Competitions Disc 1 Track 01 : Kings & Queens Track 02 : Fetes Track 03 : Chutney Track 04 : AC5 Track 05 : Soca Monarch Track 06 : Kiddies Carnival Disc 2 Track 01 : Pan Track 02 : Dimanche Gras Track 03 : J'Ouvert Track 04 : Parade of D'Bands


  • International Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch 2013 DVD

    International Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch 2013 DVD

    This is  a DOUBLE DISC DVD The best of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2013 Digicel Groovy Soca Monarch 2013 Tracks Drupatee Ramgoonai - Indian Gyal Nadia Batson - Manager Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon - Wining Queen Ravi B - Prescription Benjai - Feter Farmer Nappy - Stranger Destra Garcia - Call My Name Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine Machel Montano - The Fog Iwer - Bubble Blaxx - Leh Go   Play Whe Power Soca Monarch 2013   Tracks Lil Bits - Raise D Dust Fya Empress - Rum Please Tallpree - Jab Al Over Devon Matthew - Start It Up Shurwayne Winchester - We Control D Road Benjai - Ergoma Destra - Carry On JW & Blaze - Timing It Machel Montano - Float Swappi - Cha-os Super Blue - Fantastic Friday


  • International Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch 2015 DVD

    International Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch 2015 DVD

    *** We Ship Worldwide *** This is  a DOUBLE DISC DVD The best of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2015 DISC 1 Digicel Groovy Soca Monarch 01. 5Star Akil - Noise 02. Chow Chow - Saga Boa Boy 03. Erphaan Alves - Come From 04. Chucky - Doh Take It On 05. Blaxx - Place Of Life 06. Skinny Fabulous - Going Off 07. Destra - Lucy 08. Nadia Baston - Cooler Fete 09. Farmer Nappy - My House 10. Ricardo Drue - Vagabond 11. Benjai - Phenomenal 12. Lyrikal - Cloud 9 13. Leadpipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling 14. Fadda Foz - Ducking 15. Olatunji - Ola   DISC 2 Lotto Plus Power Soca Monarch 01. Shurwayne - Shake It 02. Shal Marshal & Squeezehead - Turbo Charge Remix 03. KI - Flags 04. Patrice Roberts - Trouble 05. Mr. Killa - When We Reach 06. Granny - Go Granny 07. Snakey - Cyah Rhyme 08. Iwer George - Play D Mas 09. Machel Montano - Like A Boss 10. Blaxx - Maddest Crew 11. Kernal Roberts - Excitement  


  • Kiddies Carnival 2008 DVD



  • King & Queen 2009 DVD

    King & Queen 2009 DVD

    The Originality...Craftsmanship...Magnificence...The Kings and Queens of Carnival. Their beauty and splendour will amaze you. You Will enjoy the themes and stories hidden beneath these impressive portrayals. Journey with us as we take you through the competitions- Preliminaries, Semi Finals and Finals where this year's King and Queen will be crowned. For the first time on DVD Advance Dynamics Home Entertainment in collaboration with the NCBA and Samaroo's adds yet another quality production to your Carnival library.... "Kings and Queens 2009"....Seeing is believing!



  • Parade of Bands 2007 DVD



  • Parade of Bands 2009 DVD

    Parade of Bands 2009 DVD

    Born in the streets and celebrated there, Carnival's highlight is the Parade of Bands. This 60 minute DVD is a creation of timeless memories, streets filled with an explosion of music, colour and enjoyment as the bands portray the wonders of the ancient world, the beauty of nature and other fantasies. This is the true expression of Carnival where masqueraders have the freedom to play Mas!